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About us
About us
Today, Natural Juice is part of the InterSok group of companies, engaged in such areas of the food industry as:
Production of fruit concentrates;
Production of juices in aseptic packaging Tetrapack;

Abundance in every drop
Cultivation and export of fresh salads and vegetables in vacuum packaging.
All types of products are manufactured in accordance with current interstate standards on modern high-tech equipment from Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Russia, which allows us to guarantee high quality and competitiveness of products both in domestic and international markets.

Each type of product is successfully exported to neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, as well as to China, Japan, and South Korea. Certain types of products are sent to European countries, as well as to the USA.
More than 15 warehouses and production areas

«Natural Juice» is:
6 production areas
Over 1000 employees
Over 1000 employees
Well-established sales system
More than 200 hectares of sown areas
Modern technological equipment from leading world manufacturers
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